Shave Kit Care Instructions

Our leather is natural and naked and we do not use any paint or chemical sealer. This is type of leather that will patina beautifully over time. When the bag is brand new and shiny, as a precaution, we recommend avoiding exposure to water. If the bag does get rained on, we recommend quickly wiping the bag dry. The reason for this is that when the leather is new, the oils are near the surface of the leather. If water is left on the surface of a brand new leather bag for a period of time, in rare cases, it can leave marks as the water is stuck between the surface of the leather and the oils. This is an issue with any leather bag made from vegetable tanned leather that is not heavily chemically processed. 

Over time as the bag is used, these marks will go away as the water is fully absorbed into the leather, so there is no reason to worry if your bag does get rained on. 

Once the leather is broken in a bit (i.e. becomes less shiny), water will be absorbed fully into the leather and there would not be any marks if the leather is rained on. Thousands of customers use our bags in rainy climates without issue.

Conditioning: We have tested many products, and after not being fully satisfied with any of them, we developed our own, custom formulated Leather Balm