HELM Boots Care Instructions

Leather is a natural material, with distinctive qualities and traits specific to each animal and individual hide. Changes in color, patina, and signs of wear are normal in high quality leather. Irregularities in the consistency and depth of color in each pair of boots ranges with every hide. Over time, your pair of HELM will acquire a look that is unique to you. Good boots tell a story all their own. With maintenance, your HELM leather uppers will last 15 to 20 years and beyond.

A new pair of HELM boots requires zero maintenance. We often recommend leaving the leather uppers of your new boots untreated for the first three months of wear, depending on your individual environment, lifestyle and climate. HELM leather uppers are hot stuffed with wax and oil as a part of the tanning process.

There are a number of leather boot care products and leather conditioner options on the market: from mink oil and boot cream to saddle soap and stain protector. We personally wear test and vet each leather boot care product sold on our site and in store at our Austin shop.

Keep reading to find out which leather boot care products will keep your HELM boots and shoes in top form for years to come!